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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kids' Bedroom Furniture

January 12, 2017

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Kids' Bedroom Furniture

Are you like some parents who didn’t think too much about their children’s bedroom and nursery furniture and have ended up with impractical spaces, a lack of storage space and mismatched items? Or maybe you are ahead of the game and in the research stage. Matching your child’s needs with the right furniture is definitely worthwhile to maximise the functionality of your space. If your house is short on play areas, getting the bedroom set up to host a range of activities makes life that little bit easier – especially on those rainy days! Whilst perhaps more expensive, you may find some pieces provide multiple uses, like kids’ table and chair sets or beds with built in storage, or allow for an increasing age range through adjustable features.

  1. A place for everything

Storage, storage, storage! We all know kids come with a lot of stuff which seems to multiply regularly. Make no excuses for their stuff to be untidy! Ensure there is ample storage at their height. Tub style storage is a must for kids’ bedrooms as it makes packing up super easy. Toy boxes are also a great option to quickly pack away all those little items and some can double as a seat. Choosing a bed for your child that has space underneath provides a great home for storage boxes or for a trundle bed for when they have sleepovers.


  1. Maximise space

Providing open space for playing in your kid’s bedroom is always a smart idea and there are a number of ways you can achieve extra room. This includes choosing a kids’ bed which has inbuilt storage. Bunk beds can be very handy if you have two beds in the room. Another great way to open up some floor space is with a children’s loft bed. The space underneath can fit a desk, wardrobe or just room to play. Because of the rising demand of bunk beds and loft beds there is a wide variety of super stylish and cute designs available for all budgets.  

  1. Practical spaces for fun and learning

Creating special and fun spaces in your children’s bedroom can encourage play and learning activities whilst providing practical places to spend time. If you want to encourage your child to read you may want to consider creating a welcoming and cosy book nook. This can be done easily with a bookshelf and some cute cushions and a rug. If your child loves to draw and do craft you may want to create an activity station area. Clear tubs can be used to store different craft items. A table and chairs set can often include handy storage inside for craft materials. Attach hooks on the wall to hang up their art smocks. Yes, the fun stuff is always messy – so make sure to lay down a plastic mat on the floor to protect your carpet from any wayward glue or textas.

  1. Using walls for keepsakes and artwork displays

You may want to consider some use of the walls for special items. Ample shelving in your child’s bedroom is a great way to display those special toys and keepsakes which are more for looking at than playing with. Super cute shelving which are divided into small sections are so great for collecting and displaying little treasures like shells found at the beach or a favourite figurine. Displaying your child’s artwork on the walls is a great way for them to feel ownership of the space and to be proud of their efforts. You may wish to do this with a pin or magnetic whiteboard, the old Blutac or a neater option is in frames which can be bought cheaply at Ikea.

Have fun creating special and inspiring spaces for your little people whilst maximising space with practical and affordable options. Don’t forget you should aim for an overall calming atmosphere in your children’s bedrooms rather than a cluttered, hectic vibe. Because we all know the thing we want to encourage most is a good night’s sleep!