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50 Screen Free Activity Ideas

August 07, 2018

50 Screen Free Activity Ideas

It can be so helpful to have a go-to list of activities that you can pull out of nowhere when you need it. In a moment of chaos with active kids bouncing off the walls, throwing the clean washing everywhere, I can often find myself looking to the TV babysitter to step in to get some peace. Once I do that however, it can be very hard to get them off without a big annoying drama. Having some activities ready, such as a bucket of playdough, can be a win-win for everyone.  

Some activities take more effort and are messier than others and some may not be appropriate for all children’s ages. It is so easy to underestimate the benefits of creative play (which not always means a big mess!).


  1. Look for bugs under things. Take a microscope.
  2. Make a pretend campfire
  3. Nature collage. Get some PVA and create a picture
  4. Create pet rocks or gumnut babies
  5. Footpath artwork with chalk
  6. Make ‘perfume’ concoctions from flowers in water (who didn’t do this as a kid?)
  7. Plant some seeds or collect seeds from the garden for a ‘seed bank’
  8. Make a bird feeder
  9. Tie-dye old clothes
  10. Hopscotch with chalk
  11. Make a painting using a fly swatter
  12. Cotton bud painting
  13. Make an outdoor cubby
  14. Cook up a storm in a diy mud kitchen
  15. Throw stones into the creek (can keep little kids entertained for ages!)
  16. Collect and make a painting using flowers and sticks as brushes and stamps
  17. Totem tennis (I picked up one from Aldi very cheap)
  18. Press flowers (do remember doing this?)
  19. Give some crumbs to ants and watch them carry them away or make an ant farm
  20. Paint using matchbox cars

Indoor (or Outdoor)

  1. Build a cubby/fort with blankets and have a tea party or use a torch for a scary story
  2. Turn off the lights and have a disco with glow sticks
  3. Play charades
  4. Have a silly dance party
  5. Bake or cook something. (Today we just made these super simple 2 ingredient biscuits with ripe bananas and oats and then added whatever else)
  6. Grow a beanstalk – put a bean in a clear glass with cotton balls and water
  7. Create and illustrate your own book (Just staple some A4 paper down the middle)
  8. Get a few age appropriate board games or adapt older age versions
  9. Thumbprint painting. Make some funny creatures
  10. Create a thankful tree
  11. Get creative with pipe cleaners, buttons and blu tak or play doh
  12. Play a Pictionary game where you guess what the other person is drawing or making with play doh
  13. Write a letter to distant relative or friend and post it
  14. Make a collage using any print material you have lying around
  15. Put celery or flowers in food dye and see what happens
  16. Lego or building blocks
  17. Card games like snap, memory or UNO
  18. Make cards and wrapping paper for upcoming birthdays
  19. Make a car or shop from a box
  20. Dress ups
  21. Puppets / magic performance
  22. Homemade jewellery with uncooked pasta and wool
  23. Make a crown
  24. Ziplock bag painting
  25. Potato stamp
  26. Make an egg carton caterpillar
  27. Make sheep with cotton balls
  28. Read books – sometimes we only read at bedtime. But anytime can be story time!
  29. Make your own movie
  30. Make play doh

Take some photos and let us see what fun you create together!

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