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Tips to Make Your Child's Bedroom the Perfect Sleep Zone!

January 13, 2017

Tips to Make Your Child's Bedroom the Perfect Sleep Zone!

We know that sleep is important for your child’s development. We also know it’s important for your own sanity. However, you might be like most parents who find themselves wondering why their baby can’t just they, ‘sleep like a baby’. It’s comforting to know that problems with settling, no routines, feeding to sleep (because any other way is just too hard), is more common than we probably realise. While I can’t give you a magic bullet for your, or soon to be, lack of sleep, I can give you some tips for choosing the right nursery furniture which may help set your child up for a night of peaceful (and hopefully unsettled) rest.

Curtains & Blinds

Dark rooms are ideal for putting your child to sleep. This is especially relevant for those with children who need daytime naps as well as those of us who live in areas with daylight saving. Our bodies are simply designed to sleep when it’s dark. This is because the hormone melatonin induces sleep but is supressed by light. So when settling down, it’s best to turn off the TV and iPad and any other bright lights.

Lamps & Lighting

Further to the point above, a dim lamp or setting on your lights is the ideal level of lighting to use when putting your child to sleep. Using a bright light can give your child the message that he or she should be awake. If you need to go into your child’s room during the night, try to have a dim light handy you can use.

Baby Monitor

A baby monitor with video function can be really worth the investment as during the night your child may make a few grizzles but then settle him or herself. With a baby monitor you can check on your child without having to sneak open the door to see if they are okay. Also, if your room is further away it can be very handy.

Floor Coverings

A mat on floor can provide a very welcome soft padding on a hard floor to aid your oh so quiet exit out of the room after your child has nodded off. It will also provide a warm, soft place for your child to play on in the colder months. On carpet, a floor mat can provide your carpet with the perfect protection from the all too common spills, playdoh, textas and all the fun but messy stuff. A children’s floor mat can also enhance the character of the room with many fun design options available.


Winding down to sleep is all about creating a soothing and calm atmosphere. There’s nothing worse when you’ve ticked all the boxes with a bath, a book and a goodnight cuddle and you’re feeling like, hey, I’ve got this, but then you get surprised with a sudden nappy change… but you aren’t sure where the wipes are and you can’t find the Sudocream anywhere. Baby is getting unsettled as you are rummaging around. In no time at all you’ve undone all your good, soothing work. Having a good storage system in place can help you stay organised because if anything is guaranteed you will be required to grab any of your hordes of baby stuff at any given time. Baby change tables and wardrobes are handy nursery furniture options which provide great storage.

Stuff at children's height

Providing an interesting space is important so that your child enjoys being in their room. Having their stuff at their level, such as toy bins, book shelves, little children’s lounge chairs etc. allows your child to interact with their belongings and feel like it’s a special space for them where they feel safe… and to hopefully sleep a lot in!