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Moppet Poppet - 42cm Doll

The perfect match for our Olivia's Little World doll furniture! The Moppet Poppet doll was created by an Australian mum, with much love and attention to detail . Besides quality construction that will stand up to your kids, the special features of Moppet Poppet dolls include: ♥ Ball and socket joints with full 360-degree movement ♥ Soft cotton torso - great for snuggles! ♥ Brown eyes that open and close when standing up / sitting down ♥ Long light brown hair that is easy to brush and style. We use a wigged style of hair (just like popular overseas brands) which performs exceptionally well with minimal frizz ♥ Arrives beautifully packaged in our 'perfectly plain' signature pink box - ready for play! ♥ Dressed in a pink tunic and aqua leggings with pink mary jane shoes - easy to use velcro closures that are great for little hands . Can be washed. As seen on Aussie Product Review: If your little girl has a favourite doll or teddy or you are looking for that perfect girly gift, you can’t go past Moppet Poppet! ‘My little girl just loved the outfit selected for her doll ‘Sally’, not only did Sally try on the outfit so did teddy Tessa. While watching my daughter play, I could see how easy it was for her to put the clothes on and take them off again thanks to the Velcro fastening. I particularly liked that the shirt has Velcro right they way down so she could slip Sally’s arms through as opposed to putting it over her head. It made dressing Sally very easy for her and she had no need to come to me for help. From my point of view the concept of Moppet Poppet is fantastic. This online shop has now given me the choice to buy fashionable outfits instead of having to buy a new doll or the additional outfits for the doll which, at times, I do feel can be inappropriate for my 5 year old. The quality of this outfit was superb. There was not a stitch out of place and they were finished off very nicely as there were no extra thread or fabric on the inside of the clothes. I have already washed the top twice due to grubby fingers and the top came up as good as new; no stains, still in shape and the stitching in tact. Read more: http://aussieproductreview.com.au/moppet-poppet/

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