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Plum 4.26 Metres (14ft) Magnitude Premium Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

The Plum 14ft Magnitude is one of the Toughest and Highest Quality Trampolines on the Market

The perfect antidote to indoor screen time. Bouncing outside on a trampoline has heaps and heaps of health benefits but your child will just enjoy the simple fun a trampoline provides. Perfect for playing by themselves, with siblings or play dates, you can watch the energy burn off and take a break. 

Benefits of the 14ft Magnitude Premium Trampoline

  • The Plum 14ft Premium Magnitude Trampoline has been developed from the ground up, sparing no cost to design one the strongest and highest quality trampolines on the market. Plum stands by each trampoline; our safety focused designs have been tested to simulate over 1,000,000 bounces, far in excess of any safety standard or legislative requirement.
  • Excellent for your child's developing strength, balance and coordination
  • Great way to encourage self-directed, independent play which is important for development
  • Perfect for burning off excess energy and encouraging outdoor play
  • Plum’s premium magnitude enclosure design provides bouncers with the largest internal jumping area of any trampoline in the world. Due to the unique convex design of our enclosure poles the huge fishbowl design gives kids unparalleled space to jump around inside the trampoline.
  • Our customers tell us their trampolines are one of their most used items, so a great investment

Features of the Magnitude Premium Trampoline

  • The Premium Magnitude trampoline uses EVA foam to cover the enclosure poles and protect any off-track bouncers who may come in contact with them whilst they push the limits of trampolining. EVA foam is a soft and lightweight material that has a high UV resistance and will ensure your trampoline continues to look great for years to come. EVA foam is the same material used in the production of the puzzle educational play mats for children as it is one the softest, cushioniest materials around.
  • Plum’s patented Springsafe® enclosure design connects to the inside of the jumping mat creating a Springsafe® barrier ensuring that little jumpers who do go off track land on the soft mesh netting rather than the springs or frame.
  • Many of our competitors use a welded bracket, but the team here at Plum were hard at work designing our patented weld free bracket. Our brackets aren’t light or thin, they are forged from 2.5mm galvanised steel, weighing 0.5kg each. The bracket adds a huge amount of strength and stability to the joints & frame providing critical support to ensure a better, higher and safer bounce.
  • The Plum 14ft Premium Magnitude trampoline comes with  huge 180mm springs made of high-galvanised steel that is finished in a gold passivation layer to ensure no rust, corrosion or breakages.


Supplied with spring loading tool for easy assembly
Supplied flat packed with easy assembly instructions
Number of legs: 4
Recommended age: 6 years +
Assembled size: L4.26 x W4.26 x H2.69m
Please allow a 2.50m safety perimeter
Adult supervision required at all times
No more than one person at any one time
Minimum user age 6 years, maximum user weight 125kg
Adult assembly required & only for outdoor domestic use

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